How to Erase Sent Messages on WhatsApp

This is to tell you that you guys have now got the new amazing function in the WhatsApp, this is the ability to send the messages to the chat screen. Actually, this feature is enrolled with the latest version of the app itself and there are no certain modifications required for attaining the functionality. Those users who are lucky and have got this new version update for their device are going to utilize it for sending their messages. For those who haven’t got it yet they must watch for it, soon it would be available for them too. By this new feature the WhatsApp has made the influence over the whole world, now the social media users would be shifting heavily to this platform for any kind of their business talks etc.

#1 Deleting the sent messages or attachments is very easy. Just long-press on the message you want to erase until a window appears. In that window you’ll see three options: Delete for MeDelete for Everyone or Cancel.

How to Erase Sent Messages on WhatsApp


#2 If you choose “Delete for me,” the message will only disappear from your device.

#3 The “Delete for Everyone” option will erase the message or attachment from both your device and the recipient’s device.

#4 You can erase the attachments the same way you would the messages. You can also delete multiple messages at once if you ever need to do so. Just long-press on all the messages and each of them will be highlighted so you know which ones you chose. The messages will also be erased from the notification center.

What are the ways of using this app feature and how could the messages be proved to be unsend from both of the sides, this is the major question from the user end. To answer that we would say that this function is completely usable and is available for the usage, the only restriction is that the messages could be used through the simple deletion option. If you are in this time limit and you have chosen to delete the message then it is applicable that your message would get deleted from both of ends. A popup would arrive on the screen “This message was deleted” telling you about the message being unsend from both sides.

This function is really great and we hope that there would become more flexible for the users to work with this feature in the upcoming years. Hopefully, the feature would also be available for most of the devices as well as the other versions of WhatsApp.

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Being able to unsend a message is a long-awaited feature WhatsApp users have been asking for. Now the wrong person doesn’t have to read a message that was intended for another person. Are you happy this feature is finally here? Leave a comment below and let us know. Now never regret about the wrong messages that were sent to your friends due to some mistake or keyboard wrong functioning, make use of the above method and you could easily unsend any of the messages of your preference. This feature is basically not availed to the users directly so only we have written this method such as to inform you all about this sort of function inside WhatsApp. We hope that you would have liked the method provided in this post and you might have got benefits from using it. Please share this post with others too so that they could even take advantage of using the function to unsend any of the wrong messages. Write about this post and the data provided inside through using the comments section below, we would love to have your appearance there!



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