Google’s New Android Version OREO 8.1 is Now Available to Download

The tech giant Google is constantly preparing new versions of Android and developing the necessary updates. Android Oreo has just arrived and the tech giant Google now has its new version on the road for testing.

Android Oreo 8.1 has come for everyone to test and confirm that developments are on track. This is the first trial version and promises some news for Android.

It was a few hours ago that the tech giant Google announced the arrival of the first developer preview of Android Oreo 8.1. This is a targeted version for all those who are dedicated to testing Android and discovering the points that need correction.

For now, it is restricted to the test program of Android and, therefore, limited only to the devices of the brand itself. Support is maintained for legacy devices, which means it can be tested on Pixel and Nexus devices only. In the case of the latter, they are limited to 5X and 6P.

According to the tech giant Google’s chronology, which is shorter than normal, there will be only two versions of tests, the final version being released in mid-December. Within a month the second developer preview is expected to emerge.

The news focuses on the development of various APIs that will exploit new hardware capabilities, both graphically and in terms of image processing. There are also changes to notifications, which are now tracking the rate at which apps can use them.

Everyone who wants to try out this new version can do so with direct access to installation images and with manual installation, or through the Android testing program.

Install this version and have access to what the tech giant Google is preparing for Android and what will be available soon. The news are not many but will rise again the quality of this operating system.



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