This is the world’s fastest supercomputer with a whopping 160TB of RAM

Hewlett Packard, one of the biggest tech corporations in the world, has built this futuristic supercomputer prototype that can potentially support up to an unimaginable 160TB of RAM. Called The Machine, this supercomputer is a step towards the vision of truly powerful computing.

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Obviously, The Machine is being claimed to be the world’s largest single-memory computer and it is the company’s most ambitious project since it was started in the founder’s garage. HP’s dream of a mega supercomputer is coming true and it brings along some limitations as well.

For instance, this new supercomputer will need a completely new software because any modern-day OS is not built for such high-end internals. HP predicts that the ‘Big Data Era’ is coming soon and building this computer is just an initiation towards achieving maximum results in the coming times.


With 160TB of RAM, this machine can be practically scaled up endlessly to even exabytes of data. If you have no idea what that means, this machine has the theoretical maximum of 4,096 yottabytes, 2,50,000 times the size of the entire digital universe today. So, it’s fine that you are unaware because  there is a long way to go till this maximum is reached.


“With that amount of memory, it would be possible for the computer to simultaneously work with every digital health record of every person on earth, every piece of data from Facebook, and every trip of Google’s autonomous vehicles and every data set from space exploration all at the same time,” said HP in a statement about The Machine.



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